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One minute, Tecent making RMB 83,000, China mobile making RMB 246,000, Sina Weibo generating 95,000 posts, 139,000 pictures are uploading to Qzone of Tecent, 3.47 million times search on Baidu, 148,000 people visiting Tmall and Taobao, 73,000 transaction happening on Alipay.(from IT搜狐)

【中国互联网1分钟会发生什么?】1分钟对互联网是瞬息万变,腾讯收入8.3万;有139,000张照片上传至腾讯空间,中国移动净赚24.6万,百度搜索347万次;新浪微博有9.5万条微博发送;14.8万人访问天猫淘宝;支付宝处理7.3万次交易,……(from IT搜狐)

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