Top China social media network’s consolidated income statement.


On Aug 15 Tencent announced the unaudited consolidated results for the second quarter and the first half year of 2012. Tencent was the most popular social network in China, reporting 597.6 million monthly active user accounts  for its Qzone virtual identity social network. Revenues from Tencent’s community and open platforms (which include Qzone and Pengyou) increased 7.8 percent quarter-over-quarter to 2.2 billion RMB ($345.7 million) riding on growth of item-based sales within applications.



18% increase in social media usage among all Chinese mobile users.


From Adchina: The most popular applications for Chinese mobile internets users are reading news and instant messaging, however, the ratio shows significant decline compared with 2011. At the same time, social networking, video entertainment, online shopping have achieve significant growth, most notbly is Social media usage has grown from 7% to 18%. Read more

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2012: QQ measures the hottest topics on netizen’s minds.

From ISUX: A Qzone report, analysed 510 million mentions tweeted by Qzone users during 2012 new year period, reflected the top things on Chinese people’s mind. Among men’s tweets, the most mentioned are promotion, house, car, pay raise, win a lottery; while hot topics among women are relationship, marriage, losing weight, party, travelling. People born in the 1970s’ care mostly about health, 80s’ is careers, 90s’ is schooling. People from Beijing and Shenzhen talk most about house price, while top one topic for Shanghainess is promotion. Read more

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China online video portal competition cools down to benefit of advertisers.

From iResearch: iResearch released a key statistics on online video this April, the revenue of China’s online video in Q1 2012 reached 1.78 billion yuan, a 78.5 % increase over Q1 2011 and 3.8 % decrease compare to Q4 2011.

After a tough 2011 competition, Youku and Tudou’s merger in 2012 leads a win-win trend, the typical copyright alliance between tv.qq, and iQiYi formed a great advantage to reduce the cost of online video copyright licensing, media value of comprehensive websites will rise greatly. Video websites can gain more profits in the future by rising ads unit price. To portal websites and network TV stations, as only a few enterprises are involved, their market shares in advertising revenue will gradually become stable. Read more