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Kaixin001′s collapse; losing 65% users in 18 months.

Data from Alexa: The previous SNS empire Kaixin001 in China now is collapsing. Rockets up in middle of 2009, Kaixin001 reaches the climax at the end of 2009 when Sina Weibo just kicked off. With the rapid adoption of Weibo platforms, turbulence has been around Kaixin001 who begins to decrease in the 2nd quarter of […]

Total Chinese Internet users to reach 551MM by 2012.

Data from DCCI: Till the end of June, 2011, the number of Chinese internet users has reached to 508m, 41m more compared with that of 2010.  And this number is estimated to be around 551m at the end of this year. 数据来自DCCI:截止到2011年6月底,中国互联用用户的数量已达到5.08亿,比2010年底增加了4100万。照此发展趋势,到2011年底,这个数字将会达到5.51亿左右。

China’s top 5 “YouTube” video sites.

From China Internet Watch: Based on iResearch’s data, Youku tops among these 5 most popular video sites in China. Tudou and Sohu Video follows Youku with 16% and 14.6% view time. Due to some internal problems, Ku6 fails to appear in this list. Meanwhile, we did not find QQ Video here as well. It seems […]

Qzone vs. Weibo; comparing engagement on engagement rates.

Data from JiaThis: The data are based on May research analyzing more than 150 million netizens’ click on the “Share” button in Chinese social media sites. We can see that though Tencent Qzone, which has the most users, is highest shared content traffic rate(15.12%), it’s reflux traffic rate (people who click on shared link) is about […]

China Groupon War: Taobao 12MM vs. Groupon 2MM

Data from iResearch: The local sites win again. Seen from the graph, Taobao’s group buying site turns out to be with 11.6 million daily unique visitors per day while that of Groupon China is only 2.14 million. Though cooperated with Tencent, Groupon China’s site remains less attractive than QQ Tuan, who is Tencent’s original group buying […]

China; Internet 30% more influential than TV.

Data from DCCI’s report: The graph indicates that the purchasing influence of CCTV is 30% lower than that of Internet, and 29% lower than that of WOM. However, the ad revenue of CCTV remains to be on the top. While checking the data from DCCI, it’s obvious to see how influential the power of WOM is. […]

42.3% of China social network friends never met in person.

Data from DCCI: Different from Facebook whose users only have 7% friends who never met in person, the Chinese SNS users are keeping 42.3% unacquainted people as their friends. The group which takes the biggest chunk (73.6%) of their friends’ source turns out to be the user’s classmates— both ex- and current. 数据来自DCCI:与Facebook的用户只拥有7%的没见过面的朋友这一事实不同,中国的社交网站用户则保留着高达42.3%的陌生人作为他们的朋友。而占好友来源最大部分的一群人,则是社交网站用户的同学们,包括以前的和现在的。

Which Chinese social networks have the most engagement?

Data from bShare: bShare is China’s largest social button provider and offers monthly tracking data of contents shared to each social platform. From bShare’s data we can see that while Sina Weibo takes a huge part of domestic social media market with its great number of active users, its shared traffic is about 22% lagging behind that […]

China’s top advertising spenders.

Data from CTR China: According to CTR’s research, L’Oreal remains to invest most in ad with its 2.2 billion RMB ad cost in the 1st quarter of 2011. Blue Moon, which is reported to be listed for the 1st time, has increased their ad spend by 114% and its total cost is even higher than that […]

China digital ad spend, Portals dominate at RMB 570MM.

Data from iResearch: Based on our previous post which points out netizens in China still spend majority time on portals, marketers spend more than 570MM RMB on portals in April, the number is 11 times bigger than that on Social Community sites (47MM). 数据来自艾瑞:根据我们先前发过的一篇指明国内网民在门户网站上花费的时间最多的帖子,我们可以对该图表有更好的理解。营销人员4月份在门户网站上的广告花费超过了5.7亿人民币,这个数量也比社区网站上的广告花费(4700万)多了11倍。而对于金融性质的论坛,广告花费仅为3600万。金融从业人员从来都不读广告的么?