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77% Chinese Netizens use both Tencent and Sina Weibo.

From AdMaster: An investigation has been done by AdMaster and SSI through thousands of Weibo users on their social media platforms’ adoptions in Aug, 2011. The data above have pointed out that Tencent Qzone, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo are the most popular platforms among the weibo users. As to the Sina Weibo users and […]

Why do Chinese Netizens use Sina Weibo?

From Cnbeta: Sharing / Getting Information and Social Networking are 3 major motivations for Chinese netizens to use Sina microblog. 78% surveyed said sharing personal life and moods are main purpose to use MicroBlog; 77% respondents prefer the platform to get information, latest news and hot topics online; 64% users like to keep in touch with […]

Is Sina Weibo better than Twitter…?

From meiti6: A graph above shows Weibo’s advantages in China as Social Media Channel than Twitter. Reasons listed:  1) Larger information conveyed, for one tweet, 140 Chinese characters contain 4-5 times information than 140 English letters do;  2) Though 13% Twitter users in US, 300 million globally, Sina Weibo in China has 14% market with 240 million […]

Who do Chinese follow on Sina Weibo?

From Cnbeta: Users @people close to them, public celebrities are paid less attention Weibo users normally interact with people they know in real life. 83% respondents follow relatives, colleagues so they know their latest updates. 61% respondents say they follow Hot/ Recommended tweets, 59% users are fans of celebrities.  Among surveyed people, 64% female respondents say they keep close […]

Why netizens follow brands on Social Media.

From meiti6: Picture above from Get Satisfaction explains Reasons for People Follow  Brands on Social Media Sites. 97% respondents admit Social Media influenced their purchasing decisions. They tend to chose brands which they had seen on Social Media Sites. 96% Facebook users say they had recommended products or brands they like to people; 70% respondents […]

Ranking China social networks by market share.

From CSDN: A graph from bShare Data Center tells the latest market share of  China  Social Network Sites from January to July 2011. QZone is still the No.1, followed by Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo. In January, Sina Weibo was basically at the same level with Renren, Kaixin001, yet has been climing upward steadily from April, narrowing down distance with QZone. […]

The two most popular content types on Sina Weibo.

From Cnbeta: Moods and celebrities are most popular tweet contents The most popular tweet content are Moods and Celebrities related. People like to share their moods as well as tweet famous people’s quotations, 66% users belong to this category. Followed by second most popular tweet content, Domestic and International News. 61% users like to share/comment/retweet them. The […]

Combining China social media and ecommerce into one platform.

From Mecoxlane: Recently, Mec and Sino Weibo reached a strategic cooperation, Mec launched its Enterprise Promotion Page on Weibo, users simply click items and then automatically enter Mec’s website to complete purchasing process. This new move bring Mec huge potential customers, it can lead Weibo users directly to its webpage. Weibo’s share, comment, interactive functions […]

A quick review of Sina Weibo’s new interface.

From Jmnews: Lately, Sina MicroBlog launched its new version, with three applications added, Instant Messaging,  Social Games and Photo Album to give weibo more social network functions. It automatically upgrades to new the interface the moment users log in. The new Weibo layout is similar to SNS counterparts Facebook, Kaixin, and Renren, classifying users’ community infomation […]

86% Chinese access Weibo via PC.. 1% via iPad.

From Cnbeta: According to statistical report from China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), microblog users in China have reached 195 million by the middle of 2011, 208.9% growth compared with the beginning of 2011. A new term “ weibo kong” describing people addicted to microblogging vividly reflects this new obsession. A survey (above) from AdMaster and […]

Identifying the 9 income groups of China’s netizens.

From China Internet Watch: We notice that the number of netizens whose salary range from 500RMB to 2000RMB has decreased by 7%, while netizens with 3000-8000+RMB has increased 3.8%. To our surprise, the highest growth rate comes from those netizens who are with no income. This group of people has made a 3.1% increase since 2010. […]

Ranking China’s prestige brand digital IQ.

From L2: We can see from the list there are one hundred brands divided into groups – Genius, Gifted, Average, Challenged and Feeble. Audi, BMW and Burberry are the top 3 brands who have conducted genius marketing strategy through various social media platforms, while 37 brands are identified as Feeble due to their poor performance […]

778% increase in China video site ad revenue.

From China Internet Watch: Seen from the graph, search engines still dominate the online ad market with the highest revenue amount. While checking the growth rate, it’s online video sites that top with 778% increase since 2008 H1 to 2011 H1. The strange thing is that both online community & portal site ad revenue have […]