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Renren Introduces Social Ad Revenue Value Model.

From Tech Rice: In November, RenRen held a series of promotional events, called the The RenRen Effect, in Shanghai and Beijing to introduce its Social Ads Value Model in China. With its “RenRen Effect,” RenRen is trying to introduce this concept of ‘derivative value’ (comes from Facebook) to Chinese brands and advertisers. RenRen’s statement also […]

Qzone vs Facebook: China vs World.

Image from Vincos Blog:  From the latest data aquisition of Google Trends & Alexa, we can see that though Facebook has colonized almost 2/3 of the world’s netizens, people in China, Russia and half of South America remain isolated. As to China, there are 400 millions active QQ users(while Facebook owns 500 million users worldwide) and this […]

Insights of China Online Game & Gamers.

From Niko Partners: 1. Chinese gamers prefer the Free-to-Play (F2P) model of online games in which online operators generate revenue via the virtual economy, rather than the time-based model in which access is provided for a fixed number of pre-paid hours. 2. 63% of gamers surveyed increased their spending on online games in the past year. 3. […]

China Online Shopping Penetration Rate.

From China Internet Watch: East coast cities (blue bar) showed high penetration rate of online shopping but the west (red bar) is a fast growing market with high potential. Please note that the 17 cities shown above do not represent a ranking of national online shopping penetration rate; these cities are sampled in online shopping […]

Understanding Kaixin001’s Audience.

From Holaba SNS Overview: A detailed analysis of how the Chinese people in different parts of China handle Kaixin001. From the graph we can find that Kainxin001 really dominates in east & central part of China mainland. HS means Holaba Score, it is a reliable indication of the recommendation power of the SNS, or a brand.

China vs. America; Who Do You Trust?

From Trendstream: One is the biggest developing market while the other is the most mature market, the factors that influence the purchasing desion of the consumers in these 2 markets are slightly different. Compared with the Americans, Chinese seem to be easily convienced by the country’s leader, well known company and famous bloggers, etc. What’s interesting […]

China vs. World; Internet Behavior and Usage.

Sources: BCG Digital Generations Consumer Research, 2009; Business Insider; BCG research. Note: NA means not available. 1 Includes travel booking, e-payments, and e-shopping. 2 “Other” in India represents sports (57%), e-greetings (57%), and dating and friendship (51%); in Russia it represents weather forecasts (67%). 3 At least 10% higher than the average level across all […]