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China Online Shopping Penetration Rate.

From China Internet Watch: East coast cities (blue bar) showed high penetration rate of online shopping but the west (red bar) is a fast growing market with high potential. Please note that the 17 cities shown above do not represent a ranking of national online shopping penetration rate; these cities are sampled in online shopping [...]

Chinese Internet: 500% Revenue Increase by 2015.

Picked from McKinsey Quarterly: It is being estimated that within five years, this billion-plus user market in Asia (mostly in China) may generate revenues of more than $80 billion in Internet commerce, access fees, device sales, and so forth. Digital marketing and internet sale in China are supposed to have a vigorous growth in the coming 5 [...]

China’s Twitter; Sina Weibo reveals usage statistics.

On Nov, 16, 2010, Sina held a China Weibo developer conference. As the biggest blog platform in China, Sina Weibo has released data regarding platform performance since inception in 2010. Sina Weibo demonstrates how it influences Chinese netizen’s daily life; with 400 million netizens and only 50 million Sina Weiboers, Sina’s got a good first step [...]

Understanding Kaixin001′s Audience.

From Holaba SNS Overview: A detailed analysis of how the Chinese people in different parts of China handle Kaixin001. From the graph we can find that Kainxin001 really dominates in east & central part of China mainland. HS means Holaba Score, it is a reliable indication of the recommendation power of the SNS, or a brand.

Taobao Dominates China Online Purchase.

Data from China Internet Watch‘s online shopping report (2009): 85% of the online shoppers choose C2C shopping sites as their first choice when they are planning for purchasing something. Seen from this graph we can have a clear view that Taobao has owned a large chunk of the online shopping market in China.

China vs. America; Who Do You Trust?

From Trendstream: One is the biggest developing market while the other is the most mature market, the factors that influence the purchasing desion of the consumers in these 2 markets are slightly different. Compared with the Americans, Chinese seem to be easily convienced by the country’s leader, well known company and famous bloggers, etc. What’s interesting [...]

China vs. World; Internet Behavior and Usage.

Sources: BCG Digital Generations Consumer Research, 2009; Business Insider; BCG research. Note: NA means not available. 1 Includes travel booking, e-payments, and e-shopping. 2 “Other” in India represents sports (57%), e-greetings (57%), and dating and friendship (51%); in Russia it represents weather forecasts (67%). 3 At least 10% higher than the average level across all [...]

Zynga copied “Farmville” Still a Huge Hit in China.

From Plus 8 Star‘s Social Media in China: Different Than You Think: Though operators of farming game in SNS in China keepChin complaining of the decline of profit, the number of online farmers remains considerable. Furthermore, farming game brings considerable traffic as usuall and it will not phase out in a short time.

China’s Tencent beats Facebook Across the Board.

From GWC‘s Chinnovations on The New Media: Though Facebook is pretty hot all over the world, this statistical picture has just revealed a fact: Tencent is overtaking it on subscribers, revenue, net profit and market cap. With the generalization of internet in China, the local superiority of Tencent will become more obvious.

China Viral Ripple Effect.

From Sinotech Group’s Buzz Generation: The report indicates that in every single day, or even every single hour, a new conversation will take place and it may engage millions of netizens in a ferocious speed if the topic is luring.

Chinese Consumers Prefer Neutral Social Media Channels.

From Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and CIC: Due to the worry that “negative posts will be deleted” on official company sites leading to failure to express their opinions freely, China consumers prefer to use the third party BBS for objective discussions about the product they are going to purchase or they have already owned.

Major vs Minor China Social Media Networks.

This illustration is chosen from Nielsen‘s APAC Social Media Report (June, 2010): The 4 dominators are colored brown and they are: BBS section, including mop.com, bbs.sina.com.cn, tianya.cn,  bbs.qq.com, club.sohu.com; Social Network section, including kaixin001.com, renren.com; Blog section, including blog.sina.com.cn, blog.sohu.com, hi.baidu.com, blog.hexun.com; Microblog section, including t.sina.com.cn, digu.com, t.sohu.com, t.qq.com.

13 Top Social Media Activities of Chinese Netizens.

A graph from Frands Report from OgilvyOne Worldwide: It is obvious that China’s netizens spend a lot of time and energy on the aquisition of information. The second is to communicate with friends and search for news. The graph above gives an excellent view of China netizen social media activities.

The Buzziest Brands in China Social Media.

Picked up from Edelman‘s China Digital Brand Index: During the period of 2010 FIFA World Cup which has helped drive a record of amount of social media traffic, Samsung worked with 3 major portals including Sina, Sohu and Tudou.com to launch social ads and initiate online competitions. As a result, Samsung became the buzziest brand [...]

Introductions to China’s Popular Search Engines.

Today we are going to talk about the most popular search engines in China. Before we start, let’s see something about SEO which matters a lot in China internet marketing. A quick definition of SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in [...]