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2011: China has 254 million active micro-blog users.

From: Eguan; By the end of 2011, China has 254 million active micro-blog user accounts, up by 150.7% over last year. The stability of user activity proves the commercial value of microblogging. From the content point of view, microblogging user activity is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: (1) the number of user-generated content, (2) number of retweets/comments, (3) content sharing among social platforms, (4) content sharing outside social platforms. […]

China online luxury shopping increases 68.8% in 2011.

From: iResearch The market scale of China luxury online shopping in 2010 (including C2C and B2C) is 6.36 billion yuan; the number in 2011 is estimated to be 10.73 billion yuan with an annual growth of 68.8%. In the whole market scale of China online shopping, transaction size of online luxury shopping keeps percentage of 1%-2%: […]

Astounding general numbers behind China.

China is the most populous country on earth, with the population over 1.3 billion. 779.9 million Chinese workers produced 619 million mobile phones, 22.3 trilion cigarettes and 67 million LCDs in 2009. US is the 2nd largest importer of Chinese goods, paying for 220 billion worth of goods per year.

Qunar takes 42% of China online travel booking market share.

From: Business Insider Qunar, the Chinese travel booking service aggregator topped China OTA (online travel agency) market with a percentage of visits of over 42% in this November, according to market researcher Experian Hitwise. Kuxun, the Chinese subsidiary of TripAdvisor with a business model similar to Qunar came in a distant second, gripping over 16.88% of the market […]

Durex Condoms; Sina Weibo’s most popular brand.

From: CIC  Weibo opens a window for instant communication between brand and youth. Small talk on daily basis will impact on brand image among youth. Funny, trendy tweets help brands to win young followers. Therefore, clothing and shoe brands (Adidas Originals, Converse, Vancl, H&M)take 4 positions in the top 10 brands which get more youth followers. 来自:CIC  微博为消费者和品牌之间的沟通打开了一扇便捷的窗口。品牌的日常内容更新将会影响其在年轻人心里的形象,有趣、热门的内容将会帮助品牌赢得年轻的追随者。根据调查发现,在前十名的品牌中,阿迪达斯、匡威、凡客和HM凭借这个策略赢得4个席位。

Apple is the most buzzed brand by Chinese youth.

From: CIC iPhone and iPad lead apple product buzz, and 43% of Apple tweets result of forwarding campaign, 8% of Apple tweets are interesting scripts. iPhone和iPad是年轻人在微博上最热门的话题,其中43%是来自于微博的转发有奖活动,8%是关于苹果的笑话段子。

Chinese Netizens view microblogs longer than online news.

From: iResearch Monthly viewing duration (from January to September 2011) from iUserTracker indicates, that in August, monthly viewing duration of microblog increases around 30%, while that of online news decreases 7.1%, and it is the first month that the data of microblog surpasses news website. In September, both microblog and news website drop slightly, but microblog […]

Top 6 ways Asian brands use social media.

From: Burson Marsteller Asian companies are focused mostly on ‘pushing’ news to users, including journalists, bloggers and other opinion-formers. Few Asian company CEOs or senior executives are actively using social media. Crisis and issues communications mostly concern customer service complaints that may escalate.

[Infographic] China’s social media revolution.

From: the Next Web. Currently China has almost 500 million internet users. 50% have more than one social network profile. 30% log onto a social network at least once a day. Internet users in the nation spend an average of 2.7 hours per day online-behind only Japan According to Synthesio, 95% of surveyed Chinese citizens believe brands […]

Alibaba launching a Google+ like social network.

From: China Internet Watch. A screenshot was leaked about a new social network, Laiwang.com that Alibaba is building and testing internally. Referring to the leaked screen capture of Laiwang.com, it looks like Google+. It has also developed an Android app and iPhone App will come soon.

China will have more e-shoppers than US by 2015.

From: Boston Consulting Group. China now has 145 million online shoppers—second only to the U.S., with 170 million e-shoppers.  Online spending in China is expected to surge over the next five years as personal incomes and comfort with online shopping increase. As a result, the size of the country’s e-commerce market could reach RMB 2 […]

New “Renren 6.0″ user interface puts focus back on product.

From: Techrice. Visually it is now much closer to Facebook, though I’m seeing pieces of Google’s minimalist Google Plus, notably for the icons under status update.UGC counts provides a clear idea of how much a user is investing into the platform and also easy access to friend’s personal contents. Also new under status updates is voice […]