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What happens in a China Internet Minute.

One minute, Tecent making RMB 83,000, China mobile making RMB 246,000, Sina Weibo generating 95,000 posts, 139,000 pictures are uploading to Qzone of Tecent, 3.47 million times search on Baidu, 148,000 people visiting Tmall and Taobao, 73,000 transaction happening on Alipay.(from IT搜狐)

Luxury brands versus the sophisticated Chinese consumer.

According to research, China has become the second largest luxury good consumption power, and it is estimated to become the largest in a few years. Savvy Chinese consumers are no longer just after brand names, and the consumption behavior varies. In China, men are the major buyers of luxury goods, approximately 45% of luxury bags [...]

Luxury brands are spending more online in China.

According to iResearch, the total online advertising budget of luxury brands was about 110 million RMB from Jan-Oct. 2012, which was 10.5 million more than the whole year budget of 2011. The spending peaked on September 2012, which was 36.1% higher than the number of 2011. As of the total advertising days, luxury brands had [...]

Beauty brands’ Chinese social media adoption.

From L2 Digital IQ index report, of the 20 beauty brands, ninety percent of beauty brands are on at least two platforms. Benefit Cosmetics holds 7 platforms, while Estee Lauder is presented on six.  All of the beauty brands maintain a presence on Sina Weibo. The 20 brands that are being weighted on the L2 [...]

Chinese brands more present in China social media.

WPP’s BrandZ just released its annual report on the top 50 most valuable brands in China. A conclusion from learning their social media engagement is that, China’s most valuable brands are increasingly present in social media. Their presence cuts across most categories. State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) especially increased their engagement. Of the six newcomers among the Top [...]

Why luxury goods cost MORE in China.

The above infographic explains why you see so many Chinese mainlanders waiting outside Louis Vuitton shops in Hong Kong or at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Price in China is much higher than in the West. Transportation cost from Guangzhou to Beijing is actually higher than from Guangzhou to the US. Miscellaneous tax and fees, and [...]

12 Major factors in Chinese car purchasing decisions.

  Protective security system is the primary consideration among car buyers, followed by the break system. Energy efficient engine, automatic transmission and PRESAFE weight the same in car purchasing decisions, about 10%. People born later than the 70s have a strong pursuit in the electronic devices that are equipped in car, especially the intelligent multimedia [...]

2012 China’s top Fashion portals performance.

According to iResearch, the daily coverage of fashion sites in October is 10.5 million. The top three fashion sites are: aili.com, with the daily coverage of 1.01 million; Onlylady.com with the daily coverage of 0.92 million, and pclady.com with the daily coverage of 0.85 million. Also, the online time at the fashion sites in October [...]

2012 China online ad spend increased 36.8%

According to iResearch, the total China online ad market is increasing steadily, which is 36.8% more than Q3 of 2011. Advertisers who advertise for over 30 days are from the industries of internet service, transportation, real estate and IT industries; and what worths noticing is that the financial service industry has a significant growth in [...]

How Chinese netizens use China social media.

From Nielsen: Chinese consumers use social media for many reasons including connecting socially, entertainment, news and services. Different platforms have different focus except for Micro-blog, which now serves all 4 types of needs. SNS is mainly used for social and fun.